Our goal

Our goal is to educate others on how to better their lives by eating and living in a healthier way.

Bring Back Food Education

Food education is one of the most challenging and rewarding experience you may have. As you know eating is the most important factor to stay healthy. The Western diet is so bad and so many people are still following it that it is scary.

Bring Back Food Education

There is one thing I say every day. “Today is the best day of my life so far” And today, is
really the best day because I can share what I truly believe. As a Chef my life is influenced
by food and the more I get involved with the way our community eats, the more I think, I
can make a difference to our community.

A couple years ago I founded the Chefs Fight For Your Heart event, and with this new
concept around, I was able to make people think about what they eat and how interesting,
wonderful and easy is to stay healthy. It was fun and it will be fun again to help the
American Heart Association next November 8th ,2014 at Harrington Raceway and Casino.

Last year we had three chefs competing for the best healthy meal. All chefs prepared nice,
healthy dishes for the public. During this event I had the opportunity to spread knowledge by
putting together, with the help of a wonderful team, and great chefs from all over the state, a
wonderful evening about health and food.
We all learn at Chefs Fight For Your Heart that being healthy starts in your plate, eating the
proper nutrients will make you healthy or sick. The most common place to start being healthy
starts in your kitchen. Yes in your kitchen—if you use it!
The kitchen is the main room of the house, where we the family talks, starts projects, repairs
all kind of small household items and of course, we cook there, too! The kitchen is a place
with life and memories where food brings smells, warmth and happiness.

We are all Chefs and are all responsible for our own body (the only only thing that you will
keep our entire life, --not money) The way we eat impacts the way we are, interact with
others and has a big influence into our work and social life.
Learning to cook is the way to stay healthy and live happier, but what can you do so that your
family can eat healthier? I know -------and I am going to tell you.
For many people, meal time isn't taken seriously and to get a healthy body you need to act
now. Making a change on your own is too difficult so ask your surroundings.

You, too, can learn about the best healthy ingredients and come up with the best dishes.
Have a family competition just like on TV and rate yourself. Just “Have Fun While Cooking
Healthy” or at least just cook, but cook natural food and avoid processed frozen crappy
meals..and come to our event. A great place to become a foodie.